Cutting Edge Aluminium Fences

Cutting edge aluminium fences

We design our products to be most durable and safe with minimum involvement of the user. To achieve this ZALU products are made with powder-coated aluminium, which guarantees weather resistance while preserving high aesthetics.

Module aluminium system

Construction of modular systems from aluminium

Panels, wickets and double-wing or slide gates are designed using seamless technology. This allows the creation of any arrangements using the ZALU aluminium system profiles. The module design of the ZALU system allows mixing the profile colours within one panel, wicket, gate, or any other aluminium project.

Fillings and bearing profiles

Fillings and support profiles

ZALU system filling profiles have been designed double-sided. One side of the profile is smooth and the other is corrugated, This increases the number of possible styles and arrangements of panels, wickets, gates and other aluminium constructions. The fillings are fixed in a horizontal layout with gaps that can be adjusted freely, even within one panel.


Colour scheme

Standard ZALU profiles are produced in RAL7016, RAL9005 and RAL9006. Other colours from the RAL colour scheme are available with an additional surcharge and require additional waiting time. PERSONALISATION – module structure of the ZALU products allow the creation of random colour schemes of the final products, to match their style to the destination surroundings.

Slide gates

Sliding gates

ZALU slide gates are produced in seamless technology. Aluminium profiles are bound using acid-proof connectors. The aluminium ZALU driveline is designed to make the gate ultra silent. The adjustable shelf for the automatic systems is compatible with the majority of devices available on the market.

Double-leaf gates and wickets

Double – leaf gates and wickets

Double-leaf gates, wickets and other ZALU products are screwed together using jointless technology. This solution allows for random modifications of a final product. ZALU system solutions eliminate vertical gaps between panels, wickets, gates and posts. The lack of vertical gaps guarantees a coherent design of the whole fence.

Aluminium woodshed

Aluminium shed

An aluminium woodshed can be used for storing firewood. It is a ready-made product for self-assembly. It boasts a solid structure made of aluminium profiles as well as a light and subtle design – providing an eye-catching detail in the garden architecture. The woodshed is complemented with roofing made of aluminium sheet and flooring, isolating the wood from the soil.

The woodshed is made of 100% aluminium, powder-coated and constructed using stainless steel connectors. This product is for self-assembly. There are two sizes on offer: 4m³ (230mm x 100mm, height 175mm) and 6m³ (350m x 100mm, height 175mm).