Lattenstärke 198mm; Lattenabstand 20mm.

Aluminium profiles corrugated on one side of 198mm with minimum gaps between profiles of 20mm. Powder painted fence in RAL 7016 colour metalized structure.

Powder coated surface refines, protects a surface of aluminium profiles as well as secures ideally a fence against harmful consequences of weather conditions. Aluminium is an exceptionally robust material that doesn’t go through the process of warpage. It is able to resist UV light ,wind and rain. Aluminium can be machined with high accuracy and as a malleable material is less vulnerable to mechanical damage. Lower weight maximizes user’s comfort and extends lifetime of its components. Aluminium used for a production of fences can be fully recyclable. It is also environmentally friendly. Aluminium fences are not only lightweight but also solid and durable.